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OsCommerce - The Complete Ecommerce Solution

OsCommerce is an online open source software solution, available freely for public download under the General Public License, for Ecommerce websites. Servers that run on PHP or MySQL support OsCommerce website development and OsCommerce theme design. Online Ecommerce stores find it convenient to build their platforms through the easily customizable out of the box features of OsCommerce.

PHP allows for dynamic websites and applications, and because OsCommerce uses PHP it can build highly interactive shopping carts on websites. Also, because of PHP retrieving information and amalgamation of databases over the Internet has become really easy. More than 1,90,000 developers and cart owners from around the world are working to make OsCommerce a better and more efficient platform.

From the time of its inception OsCommerce has come a long way; it has gone through several changes, innovations and simplifications that has made it a robust and easy to handle platform for administering and maintaining content on the web. Features on OsCommerce make it easy to customize websites according to the purpose of the Os-Commerce website.

OsCommerce Websites can also handle client emails and facilitate the use and management of newsletters. It is fairly easy to create invoices and to dig up and analyze customer specific information. OsCommerce Websites also support and maintain several languages and currencies at the on-going exchange rates. Apart from the number of features, OsCommerce can also handle very heavy customer traffic and is hence a preferred way of building Ecommerce shopping carts.

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