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Magento Website Development- The Perfect Solution For ECommerce

Ecommerce website owners are rapidly turning to the Magento phenomenon. Magento is one of the premier open source solutions for ecommerce website development. Magento offers a lot of advantages to its users and gives them an edge in the today’s competitive market scenario.

Some of the advantages of using Magento are:

  • Magento allows its users to develop and manage more than one ecommerce store. It generates, stores, and categorizes reports from different store channels through one panel at the backend.
  • Every other open source ecommerce software that lists more than one currency requires the changes in the exchange rates to be fed manually. Magento, however, has an in-built functionality that extracts currency exchange rate information through the web server.
  • Magento can work with big sized spreadsheets. So, when you want to upload a list of products you can do so by simply importing your excel sheet on to the program.
  • It is free and it does not impose an uploading limit on products and purchases.
  • There is a cool functionality that allows customers to store their previous order details and use it to make repeat purchases.
  • Magento websites are also search engine friendly. The software allows its users to create optimised titles, Meta tags, XML data, etc.
  • The Magento code structure is clearly definable and free from ambiguities. It allows users to tag other extensions and modules to enhance performance.
  • Magento can connect with other web applications through an extensible Application Platform Interface (API). So, it can be comfortably integrated with account management systems, email tools, ERPs, etc.
  • Magento is supported by an open source community that is constantly engaged in finding newer ways of using the Magento platform optimally. Website development through Magento becomes easy with the innovative support of this community.

It is time for you to turn to the Magento website development and Magento theme design techniques, particularly if you own and manage more than one shopping cart. Find professionals who can help you develop efficient shopping cart websites using the Magento platform. Get a free quote today!

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