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Smarty is popularly known as a Template Engine. But in reality it is a presentation/template framework. It aids in quick development and deployment of an application and simultaneously maintain security, scalability, high-performance, and future growth.

If you need to hire Smarty developer, we offer you the best services. Our experienced Smarty programmers can execute your project within a minimum time frame and maximum quality.

Some of the best features of Smarty that can create a difference to your website are provided as below:

  • It offers fine-grained caching
  • It comes with an inbuilt debugging console, thereby making it easier to check the assigned variables
  • A variety of Add-ons are available, as a result of which the development cycle speeds up.
  • Programmer has full control over the output, template content, pre/post and output filters.
  • Performance is excellent despite having a large number of features.
  • Smarty has plenty of presentation tools that minimizes number of application code which results in fast and less error prone application deployment and development.
  • Smarty gets easily compiled into PHP codes that eliminates usage of costly template file scans and increases the speed of PHP op-code accelerators.

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